Submitting your work by mail; 


All applications for copyright registration must contain the following information:(accompanied by the correct fee)


Bullet The name and a complete address of the owner of the copyright: some authors prefer to use pen names, rather than their real names, on their published works. You may include your pen name on your application for registration, but you must also give your full legal name. This is necessary because, without your legal name, it would be difficult to determine the full duration of the copyright, i.e., your lifetime plus 50 years.


Bullet A declaration that the applicant is one of the following: the author of the work; the owner of the copyright in the work; an assignee of the copyright; or a person to whom an interest in the copyright has been granted by licence.


Bullet The category of the work: you will need to indicate which category or categories best describe your work, e.g., Music/song, lyrics, poetry, literary,


Bullet The title of the work.


Bullet The name of the author/s.


Please read the instructions on this page carefully if you wish to submit your work using the hand delivered mail system. If you wish to are submit your work using our online submissions service please go to this page Online submissions


The four steps required to successfully submit your work


    Step 1

    Bullet Complete the appropriate registration form CR3a or CR3X click to learn more about Forms


    Step 2

    Bullet Make sure your work is fixed in a tangible form. Example; CD, Sound recording, manuscript, Lyric sheets, etc.


    Step 3

    Bullet Put into one envelope or package the following three items:


      1. A completed application form CR3a or CR3m or CR3X

      2. The correct payment if paying by cheque. (If using PayPal please follow instructions here)

      3. A legible and or audible copy of the work to be registered

    Step 4

    Bullet Send the sealed package to:


    Songrite Copyright Office, 
    St. Asaph, LL17 0BN,
    United Kingdom.



Since duration of a copyright is usually based on an author's lifetime, it is important for Songrite Copyright Office to know the author's name.

If you are the creator of a work (e.g. writer, artist, composer, or playwright) you are considered its author. In most cases, therefore, you should insert your name and address in the relevant section of the copyright application form.


When your submitted work is received by the Songrite Copyright Office, it is reviewed to make sure you have filled out the form correctly and all components are in order. If necessary, suggestions for changes are made, the relevant information is entered into a computerized databank and a registration certificate is issued.


Your registration becomes effective on the day that the Copyright Office receives your application, payment, and copy of your work in acceptable form. If your submission is in order, you will receive a certificate of registration in approximately 10 to 14 days time.


Proof of Copyright Ownership is Important If you create or produce what you regard to be an original piece of work and you wish to commercially exploit that work, then you should seriously consider registering the copyright to establish ownership of the said work. If you cannot demonstrate copyright ownership of a disputed composition, then any claims you may have could legally be rendered null and void.


You can view and print a Copyright Registration Form by clicking on this link


How we treat all information submitted


The Global Copyright Office © has a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act to ensure that all information held and processed complies with the principles of that Act. The Act requires that all personal information is treated in the strictest of confidence and used only for the purposes we have made you aware of.Global © remains committed to our clients needs and expectations and will continue in our quest to protect the creators of original works / compositions ensuring their rights are not infringed in any way. You can view our privacy policy by clicking here Privacy Policy/




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