COGS Membership


We operate a secure file upload facility that allows easy uploading of songs, music and lyrics for copyright registration purposes. To use this service you will need to apply for membership of the Copyright Office Global Society (COGS) Membership is free and without any obligations. It takes a few moments to complete the application form which can be seen here, COGS application form

Each member registered with us has a unique login username and password. This will allow them to upload their files securely, confident. in the knowledge  their work will be delivered speedily and directly to Songrite.

Email alerts are in operation to notify the member of successful upload and to warn of any files waiting or pending completion. This system allows for safe, secure transfer of files and dramatically reduces the time taken dealing with copyright registrations using regular mail.


It costs nothing to open and maintain an account , there are no strings attached you will not be bothered by e-mail unless it concerns your works. You are only required to pay the appropriate registration fee for the Copyright Registration of your uploaded works,this fee is dependent on which certificate your work necessitates, this would be either a CR3-a - CR3-m or CR3-X


The Global Copyright Office allows COGS Members to upload and deposit copies of their work to our secure servers as legal evidence, and helps prove copyright ownership in case of infringement, plagiarism or other copyright disputes. We maintain a high standard of security for all submitted works


Making Payments for online registrations.


When your work has been successfully received you will be contacted by one of our reviewers and asked to validate the details of the work for accuracy and entirety. When you are satisfied all is in order, you simply make your payment by clicking the buy now button in your preferred currency on the Payment Page. All payment transactions are safe and secure.


Security of your Membership Information.


The information that you disclose to The Global Copyright Office as a member of COGS or as a postal client, is stored on our secure servers in a password-protected, personal account.


To ensure maximum security, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and data encryption software, to provide secure communication over the Internet. The SSL is engaged during any interaction in which you enter personal information. All information is stored behind a secure computer firewall, a barrier that prevents outsiders from accessing our servers. >> Read more about our privacy policy


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