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Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the author / composer plus a minimum of fifty (50) years.

How to Register Copyright Ownership of Your Songs, Music and Lyrics and Receive the Following Official Registration Documents.

1 - One individually numbered Official Copyright Certificate that is recognised in more than 180 countries. (International Copyright.)
2 - One Song Composite Document which includes all relevant details contained within the registered works.
3 - One Authors Safe Storage Contract which guarantees the safe storage of the registered works
4 - One Album Cover / Artwork Registration Document (If Approprate Image Submitted)
5 - One Artiste / Band Name Registration Document. (Where Applicable)

Copyright Registration Fees

 Are you a citizen or subject of The USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - United Kingdom - Japan - The EU -The Russian Federation - India - Pakistan, or a person ordinarily residing in any of the following?

  • A country that is a signatory or has ratified The Berne Convention. (This covers approximately 98% of all countries).
  • A country that recognises and upholds the principles of the Universal Copyright Convention.
  • A signatory of the Rome Convention (for sound recordings, performer's performances).
  • Or a country that is a member of the World Trade Organization. (WTO).

International Copyrights - See all Listed Countries

You can register songs - music and lyrics direct online with Songrite Global Registration Service ©

Song Music and Lyrics Registration:

All works are registered through the "Songrite Copyright Office" who are a respected international copyright registration service that specialises in songs, music and lyrics. Songrite Copyright Office are leaders in the field of international copyright registration.

Songrite international copyright registration service is used by both professional and aspiring songwriters and composers to register and securely store copies of their original songs, music and lyrics. (Songwriters and composers deposit copies of their work as legal evidence and proof of copyright ownership).

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Songrite Global Copyright Office is based in the United Kingdom (the home of copyright) and deals exclusively with music-based copyrights including lyrical works.
Online Copyright Registration of Songs - Music & Lyrics

Copyright exists the moment a piece of music, a song or lyric is committed to any form of tangible media. For example; recorded on a CD or other recording media including a computer hard drive, Written, printed or in manuscript form. However, once you have created your work and believe it has a commercial value then it is important you take appropriate steps to protect it by ensuring rightful ownership has been documented. Copyright registration will ensure all rights have been attributed to the composer / legal copyright owner.

Songs Music & Lyrics - Copyrights by Mail

A Copyright Certificate of Registration provides solid proof and acts as legal evidence to support the named claimant as the registered copyright owner of the work as described upon the said certificate. (as from the date of registration). This unequivocal evidence can be used in a court of law to support your claim should a dispute or an infringement occur. We also retain backup copies of your work that are time stamped as from the date of registration.

Some countries have no provision for registering copyrights and can offer no alternative other than the futile exercise of “poor man’s copyright”. If a dispute of copyright ownership or an infringement should occur the ability to provide absolute proof of ownership acceptable in a court of law is essential. Unfortunately within the realms of the legal world "poor man's copyright" does not provide this requisite proof of ownership.

Copyright Documents:

You can view samples of some of the documents we issue for registered works.

Songwriters / Composers / Authors
The most effective way of protecting your songs, music and lyrics is to register and claim ownership of your works.

Do it Yourself Protection:

The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself in a sealed envelope or package is often referred to as “poor man’s copyright.”. This "do it yourself" method of "copyrighting" is simple to by-pass and defraud which renders it totally unreliable and unacceptable as proof of ownership in a court of law.

There is no provision in the text of international copyright law that recognises “poor man’s copyright” as a viable alternative to registration. Placing trust in “poor man’s copyright” to protect your work is not only misguided but foolhardy. This method of "proof" will surely result in your loss and disappointment if ever put to the test.

Learn how to register the copyrights of your songs, music and lyrics

Copyright actually exists the very moment an original song, lyrical work or piece of music is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form or media such as it being recorded or written down. However, should that work become subject to a dispute or be infringed upon, proof of copyright ownership is not only essential it is also a legal requirement in a court of law. 

Proof of copyright ownership in documented form is easily obtained in one fast, efficient and economic transaction with the Songrite Copyright Office.

All composers / authors who register their songs, music and lyrics are issued with an individually numbered copyright certificate plus a song composite document both of which detail the content and the relevant composers of all the registered works including the date of registration.Songrite Copyright Office International Registration


Registering the Copyrights of Your Songs, Music & Lyrics will help establish a true and lasting record of rightful ownership.

Safeguarding Personal Information:

Protecting your privacy is important to us. We do not share, sell or exchange names email addresses or any other personally identifying information about our members or clients to any other organisation or agency.

The information that you disclose to The Global Copyright Registration Office as a member or a postal client, is stored on our servers in a password-protected, personal account. To ensure maximum security, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and data encryption software, to provide secure communication over the Internet. The SSL is engaged during any interaction in which you enter personal information. All information is stored behind a secure computer firewall, a barrier that prevents outsiders from accessing our servers.  

Global Copyright Registration of Songs, Music and Lyrics.