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The term "Copyrighting" is often quoted when referring to registering ownership of song or a piece of music or a set of song lyrics. Used in this context, the expression “Copyrighting" is incorrect as copyright exists the moment an original work is created and fixed in a tangible and accessible form. "Copyrighting", or to be more precise, registering copyright ownership is strongly advised as there is no substitute for copyright registration.

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  • Copyright protection of your work in other countries is governed by the laws of the particular country in question. If a country has signed and ratified the Berne Treaty then the principles of the treaty will be applied as well

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International Copyright Registration Service

The Global Copyright Office offers songwriters a secure and reliable international copyright registration service which provides solid proof of copyright ownership for all registered songs, music or lyrical works. This affirmative evidence helps validate claims of copyright ownership and is fully effective from the date of registration.

Both professional and aspiring songwriters and lyricists use our registration service to secure the copyrights of their work.

Songwriters and composers can take advantage of our members service and upload songs, music and lyrics directly online to secure copyright ownership of their work. Alternatively we also accept postal submissions using regular mail.


All songwriters and composers who register their works with The Global Copyright Office are issued with a unique and detailed copyright certificate plus an Author's Secure Storage Contract for added protection.

Song & Lyric Copyright Consultants!

Global Copyright Registration and Consultancy Services is a leading copyright registrar and provider of Information concerning international copyright law and the two principle copyright conventions; The Berne Treaty and the UCC.

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    The Copyright Office Global Society of Songwriters

    The Global Copyright Office and Songrite Copyright Office have now merged to combine resources and share expertise in the field of music based copyright registration.


    As a result we are now able to provide an online copyright registration facility for songwriters where they can upload original songs and lyrics for copyright registration. Songrite has for many years successfully employed this file uploading system for all online copyright registrations.

    This facility is strictly for members and only members are permitted to upload songs and lyrics for registration. Free membership is now open to all songwriters, composers and authors.

    Discover how easy it is to become a member of "Cogs" and enjoy the benefits of our secure song and lyric uploading facility which will send your work direct to our secure servers. It costs nothing to be a member.

    The application form takes just a few moments to complete and Membership is totally free, there are no commitments or obligations and you can cancel at any time.

    Securing your data and protecting your privacy is of paramount importance to us. All personal information you submit to this office is treated with the utmost care and respect. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for a full explanation.

Copyright Office - Global Registrations!

Registering the Copyrights of Songs, Lyrics and Music for and on behalf of Songwriters, Authors and Composers.

Registering the copyrights of songs, music and lyrics for professional and aspiring songwriters and composers is our core business. Our copyright registration service is recognised and accepted in more than 160 (one hundred and sixty) countries world-wide.

The Global Copyright Office safeguards and endorses copyrights through copyright registration, The registration service offers a high level of protection which is achieved by permitting copyright owners anywhere in the world the right to deposit copies of their work as legal evidence to support claims of ownership.

Songwriters and lyricists who register their works are issued with a unique Copyright Certificate which details the author, the titles of songs, music and lyrics. In addition an Author's Secure Storage Contract is included which adds a further layer of supportive evidence to the registered works. Both documents display the unique seal of The Global Copyright Office and provide solid evidence of copyright ownership as from the date of registration exhibited on the registration documents.

Having solid proof of copyright ownership of a particular song, lyric or piece of music is regarded as crucial evidence should you ever need to challenge an infringement, confront acts of plagiarism or contest other copyright related issues or disputes. Without evidence of copyright ownership you will have no little or no opportunity to seek redress.

It is vitally important to obtain proof of copyright ownership prior to airing or exposing your songs, music or lyrics to the public. The Global Copyright Office fully authenticates the rights of registered claimants as from the date of registration which each copyright certificate clearly displays

All deposited songs and lyrics are date stamped and retained in our secure storage facility. A single Song usually contains several copyright categories which cover all aspects of a song; and include the following;

bullet The Music:
bullet The lyrics:
bullet The Arrangements:
bullet The Production:
bullet The Performance:
bullet The Artwork: (sleeve or cover)


All of these collective copyrights will be included (if appropriate) when registering complete songs, copyright registration documents will include and endorse any additional copyrights ensuring any contributor is rightfully acknowledged and credited for their creative input.  Each song will be accurately documented to reflect any creative involvement or contributions that exist within the making of that song.

Protecting your privacy is important to us.

We do not share, sell or exchange names email addresses or any other personally identifying information about our members or clients. The information you disclose to the Global Copyright Office either as a member of "Cogs" or as a postal client, is securely stored on our servers in a password and fire-wall protected personal account which is allocated when an applicant confirms membership of “Cogs

  • Copyright Online

    This copyright office is unsurpassed in the field of song, music and lyric based copyrights We are well practiced registrars and specialists in music based copyrights. This is a secure and reliable copyright registration service which is internationally recognised and is respected world-wide.

    Specialising exclusively in song based copyright registrations including all additional and associated rights, our expertise and competency within the boundaries of song based copyrights remain supreme.

    To consolidate our position as a leading copyright service we have integrated and combined resources with one of the leading and internationally respected copyright registrars "Songrite Copyright Office" together we have formed a robust and formidable international copyright registration service, which is now available to professional and aspiring songwriters, authors and composers world-wide.

  • Copyright by Mail

    We also provide a postal copyright registration service which supplements our online facility this provides the same quality of service for no extra cost.

    Registering the copyrights of your songs and lyrics using the regular mail service is a straight forward procedure with simple step by step instructions provided for your convenience.

    Using the regular mail service to submit your songs, music and lyrics for copyright registration is for obvious reasons somewhat slower than our online facility, yet it remains an equally efficient and effective method of submitting your work to our office for the copyrights to be correctly accredited and registered.

    An added benefit with the regular mail service is is the ability to pay the registration fee using a personal bank cheque, or "International" money order or you can even use Pay Pal.

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